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Forced Reps and Drop Sets what you should know

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Forced Reps and Drop Sets what you should know

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are the norm forced reps are commonly done with exercises such as bench press or squats and a spotter aids by just touching the weight enough to keep the rep moving.

When should you use it in your workouts

Usually during the last few sets of an exercise is best doing too many forced reps early in the workout can be too soon

What’s the secret of making forced reps work

Its important not to employ them on a regular basis.

How much help should your partner give

Just enough to get past the sticking point this could be a tap your spotter will know if his doing most of the lifting or you.

Should I take a bigger break between sets when doing this to ensure recuperation?

Yes, you need to give yourself adequate rest in between sets and stay in the zone (so don’t get distracted and get off your phone)

Drop sets

Stop drop and grow use drop sets to take your body to new heights

When do you use drop sets?

Beginning or end of the workout its great to throw a variety in your training to stimulate muscle growth

Why do you use this technique?

It ignites a great muscle pump and focus more blood in the muscles

What is the secret to make it work for you?

Just hard work and staying focused the pump and the burn should stimulate an addiction to this way of training.

In terms of percentage how much weight do you drop

It varies for each body part but as an example for chest I will drop by 25% of the weight. That’s something you will develop a feel as you gain experience using the technique, but the key is taking each weight or stage to a point of failure before going to the lighter weight.