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Foods that Energise our Bodies

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Foods that Energise our Bodies

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Did you know that your body operates on a subtle electromagnetic current,nerve signals are in fact electrical charges-your brain your Heart,and all organs omit a field of electrical current.Your cells communicate with eachother with pulses of electricity.

When we eat food,our body breaks down food particles into their smallest size called “colloids”(A smallest part of a nutrient particle)The energy in food is measured in megahertz(Mhz)a fancy name for the frequency of the electrical charge around food.Something to remember is that the foods we eat must be living,energetically alive foods that carry nutrients to our cells or we become tired and sick.According to studies completed by Dr Robert Young,the foods that you include in your diet should ideally have a frequency of at least 70mhZ.when we eat something that carries fewer that 70 mhz,your food actually takes more than it gives to your body.In Fact,when you don’t eat foods that carry 70 Mhz or above your body will immediately trigger you to crave more energy,and you will likely fulfil this craving with artificial energy energy such as high calorie foods, caffeine,sugar etc.

Product such as Beyond Greens has 150 Mhz and chocolate cake has only 1-3 mhz.

There is no special pill that will get you the results that you want quickly,but there seems to be a gap in knowing what to do and actually adhering to these simple guidelines. obviously knowledge alone is not power.finding the motivation to stick to a healthy nutrition plan will facilitate success. Remember to keep at it and feel free to download my comprehensive 78 page ebook by clicking here and submitting your email address details.

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