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Did you know that your body operates on a subtle electro magnetical current ! Nerve signals are in fact electrical charges.

Your Brain,Heart and all organs emit a field of electrical current.

Your cells communicate with each other with pulses of electricity.When we eat food our Body breaks down the food with particles into there smallest size called “colloids” which is the smallest possible size of a nutrient particle. If we eat something lifeless like (Processed foods) we are basically not proving the body with the electrical energy it needs thus we are requiring the body to expand the electrical nerve energy it needs.Which means quite often if you are eating low energy food we are taking more energy than it is giving.The energy in food is measure in Megahertz (Mhz )to find out how much Mhz you should be having in your food check out my detailed 78 page ebook it covers this and lots more

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