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Focus for better results

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Focus for better results

QUESTION: Fred I’m really enjoying the workouts from your Get Real Program , but often have a very hard time concentrating during my exercise session and staying focused on what it is I’m trying to accomplish (improved strength and muscle tone). Fred does concentration during lifting (or lack thereof) play an important part in the results you achieve, and if so, can you help me with this?thanks Tom

ANSWER: Great question Tom – good for you! To get the best results possible from my program , it is important to concentrate on exactly what you are trying to achieve while you are lifting. Try looking in the mirror while you are lifting and watch the muscle you are using expand and contract. Always pay attention to your technique and make sure you are lifting slowly enough, without momentum. You must direct your thoughts and energy to the center of the muscle being worked.

Many people do not know the muscles they are training on a specific lift -they just go through the motions. Thats why my video library explains that in more detail Chris is Living proof this GET REAL program works .

chris incorporated a food diary to keep him accountable

For example, people often tell us they do not feel their back muscles working when they do the Front Lat. Pull-down.  Instead of focusing on their back muscles and squeezing their shoulder blades back together, they are simply going through the motions, pulling the weight with their arms.Another common source of broken concentration is waiting. If a piece of equipment, dumbbell or barbell is being used, move on to the next exercise for that muscle group or use an alternate lift. For example, let’s say your chest routine consists of the Bench Press (Bb), Incline Bench Press (Db), and Cable Flys.  Suppose the Bench Press (Bb) is being used. You should either do the bench press on a machine or with dumbbells, or go onto Incline Bench Press (Db) and then come back to the Bench Press (Bb) when it’s available.  Don’t stop to wait; this will break both your concentration and the rhythm of the workout.
I hope this is helpful Tom. If you need additional help, please let me know… and keep up the excellent work and go through your homework and for everyone else check out My Get Real program