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How to Fast – A Complete Fasting Guide for Beginners

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beginners fasting guide

How to Fast – A Complete Fasting Guide for Beginners

The first and most important part of fasting is to agree to stop bloody over thinking fat loss. As a Veteran Bodybuilder and Seasoned Personal Trainer Master Coach in my 50’s I tell my clients to Stop searching online for the newest reason why you should eat more or less to lose weight and to listen to my proven principles (which they thankfully do).

Commit to Committing to Fasting.

Remember, you CAN lose weight using all those other complicated dieting techniques but fasting makes them unnecessary. So quit thinking about the science behind dieting, or what the latest expert said, and concentrate on losing weight with fasting.

Sure, there are less rules and guides and things you must do when you follow this fasting, and this takes some getting used to; but if I have learned anything about long term diet success, it is that when it comes to diet rules, less is more.

fasting guide for beginners

The Quick Start Plan:

• 1 maybe 2 fasts per week. Never fast more than twice per week. Fasting is meant to be occasional.

• Aim for 24 hours of fasting, but anywhere from 20-24 hours is fine. Please do not go longer than 24 hours.

• Consume as little calories as possible during your fast. Tea, black coffee, water, and any other calorie free beverage is allowed and encouraged while you are fasting Aim to “eat at maintenance” on the days you are not fasting. The goal is to eat, please do not diet on the days in-between your fasts.

• As a rough guide, eat around 2,500 (men) or 2,000 (women) calories on all of the other days of the week. This guide is rough, use them as a starting point to figure out the amount of food you can eat without having your weight increase in between your fasts.

• Aim for roughly 100 grams of protein per day. Some days can be higher, some can be  lower, but if you add them all up, I’d like your weekly average to be roughly 100 grams  per day.

• Weight training 2-5 times per week. Consistency of effort in the gym is what will not only  build muscle, but help you maintain your muscle while you lose fat. How to Fast – Fasts are roughly 24 hours long and always split between two/three days.

As an example, if you were to start fasting today at 7 PM you would fast until tomorrow at 7 PM. But I would recommend you fast earlier in the day it works much better.

How to Eat

The goal when eating should be to enjoy your food, but to also eat responsibly. This means that the times you spend eating should not undo the weight loss you achieved with your fasts.

In fact, it means the opposite; you should be able to maintain your weight loss between each fast. There is no magic “correct” number of calories, just eat the amount that works. How many calories you need to eat in a day depends completely on how many calories it takes to maintain the weight loss you achieved with your fast.

As an example, I tell my clients that if I were to fast from Monday at 2 PM until Tuesday at 2 PM, and then weigh myself Wednesday Morning and my weight was 90kg, then I should learn to eat the amount of food it takes to maintain my weight so that when I fast again, my starting weight would be roughly 90kgs.

If you have absolutely no idea how much food to eat, then start with the recommendations above, then slowly modify them until you are eating as much as you can without gaining any weight between your fasts.

fasting guide

With fast you NEVER miss a full day’s eating.

Find the best times that work for you. A 12-2 pm to 12-2 pm window fast feels quite different than a 7 pm to 7 pm fast, try various start/stop times until you find the one that fits best into your life.

Aim for 24 hours total fasting time (it is easy to remember, simple to apply). However, if 24 is too long, anywhere from 20 to 24 hours is fine. Please do not fast longer than 24 hours.

I often get asked if this means skipping two meals or three meals. The truth is it does not matter if you skipped 2 or 8 meals, the purpose of the fast is too fast for close to 24 hours, not to miss X numbers of meals.

Fast once or twice per week. Never on consecutive days. You can fast more than two times per week, but then you are not doing fast. My belief is that the time in between the fasts is just as important as the fasts themselves.

During your fast you can drink calorie free beverages like water (flat and sparkling), tea, black coffee, etc. Your goal during your fasts is to consume as little calories as possible.

This is the period where you will lose weight / body fat. How to Fast – Fasts are roughly 24 hours long and always split between two/three days.

As an example, if you were to start fasting today at 7 PM you would fast until tomorrow at 7 PM.

Quick Fasting Checklist

  • Fast once or twice a week for 20-24 hours
  • Lift weights at least 3 times a week.
  • Workout when is most convenient for you
  • Eat roughly 100 grams of protein every day, divided into 3 to 6 ‘doses’ per day
  • Try to eat close to maintenance on non-fasting day.
  • Reduce the amount you eat, but avoid restricting your food choices
  • Eat the foods you like, just do so in moderation.
  • Avoid “forbidding” any type of food as this leads to an unhealthy relationship with food and destructive eating habits
  • Get your diet in order first and foremost
  • Never sacrifice sleep for exercise
  • Most of your results will come from your diet, so always be careful that your exercise and sleep habits do not cause you to overeat
  • Trust the process
  • Remember see food as nutritional and not so much recreational
  • Food is never complicated people are
  • Get in touch with me outlining everything you need to know about fasting.
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