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Face fat

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Face fat

For the person embarking on a weight loss quest be aware that as your body fat gets very low, like into the single digits (or low teens for women), some people really do start to look a little gaunt,especially in the face.
Quite often their cheeks look “sucked in” and when body fat gets extremely low as you’ve been on a very restrictive diet, you can even start looking older.
This happened to me closer to my bodybuilding competition, Most bodybuilder’s often look completely different person at 10% to 15% body fat in the off season as he does at 4% body fat on contest day.
I’ve had people comment about how drawn my face gets near contest time hence the reason for this article.
Although for me, it only seems to be really noticeable few day ‘s before and the day of the contest, and that’s because of the dehydration (I along with most bodybuilders usually reduce water intake and/or take natural herbal diuretics a day or two before the show).
Will lost his face fat with sensible eating and hard training
So the one thing that really makes you look older and gaunt-faced is very low body fat combined with dehydration. To minimize this look in an extremely lean body, keep your fluid intake high and keep your carb intake adequate (low carb diets have a diuretic effect).
Also, keep plenty of essential fats in your diet, as one symptom of fatty acid deficiency is dry, older looking skin (I like to consume Krill Oil for this reason “The antioxidant power in Krill Oil is 297 times greater than vitamin A or E, and 47 times greater than regular fish oil “
Be sure to avoid over training, prolonged periods of very low calorie dieting, and overall life stress, because these factors will probably add to the “tired” look in the face.

Some people’s dilemma is that they think they look too lean in the face, but they still want to get leaner in the belly. I guess it’s a similar conundrum as when women want to get leaner in the hips, thighs or abs, but they don’t want to lose their breasts! (women lose fat from the chest area with body fat loss).

To some degree, lean body = lean face (or smaller boobs!), and the leaner your body, the leaner your face. You simply have to find a happy medium and keep health in mind above all else, because in our quest to get “ripped abs,” our self image can sometimes get a bit distorted.
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