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Exposed #2 of the biggest weight loss and fitness Myth’s

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Exposed #2 of the biggest weight loss and fitness Myth’s

Weight Loss Fitness Myth #1

Dieting eliminates fat 

The fact is your body can’t discriminate between intentional calorie deprivation (as in a diet)and starvation.When you dramatically reduce your caloric intake,your body shifts into a protective mode by slowing your metabolism down and holding onto fat(an important energy source)and burning muscle instead.In the beginning of a diet yes you will lose weight by dramatically cutting calories. But it won be fat loss it will be water weight and leanmuscle tissue-the exact opposite of what you want to get rid of.

To permanently lose the fat stores in your body,you’ve got to burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate with a precise exercise routine and proper nutrient ratio adaptations (eating the right stuff at regular intervals)

Lina followed the advice of Realfit Nutrition guide


Weight Loss Fitness Myth #2

Resistance training (weight lifting)doesn’t burn fat 

Nothing could be further from the truth.Muscle is metabolically active tissue.Fat is not.Fat is an energy source for the body but most people have much more energy than they need.Fat does not use energy-it is used as energy.Muscle uses energy and lots of it.The more leanmuscle you have ,the more fat you burn. And here’s the biggest benefit and why everyone needs to incorporate resistance training in their exercise program;the more leanmuscle you have,the more fat you burn –WHILE YOUR AT REST !

People with more leanmuscle burn fat at a much greater rate than those with less lean muscle.That doesn’t mean you have to look like the latest buff model to be an efficient fat burning machine.But you do have to at least maintain-and preferably increase-your lean muscle tissue.Its easy with proper resistance training program.


Peter combined effective resistance training and results speak for themselves