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Enjoy the process and never forget where you started

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Enjoy the process and never forget where you started

The best advice I have ever received from my older brother Johns  was to enjoy the process and I never forget where I started.

Building your physique takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight said John as he handed me my first home made barbell -Fitness is a lifestyle that you have to commit to every day. It’s not just about getting on stage and you’re  done but rather the process of creating healthy eating habits. The focus is to exercise not only for a look but to be healthier from the inside out also. These practices will continue to benefit you beyond your prime age.

I feel like the struggles of trying to make health and fitness a priority is what kept me focused over the years. I struggle time after time, but I always tried to get better at making fitness a lifestyle and after so many years, fitness became just that.  If you’re someone that struggles with sticking to eating healthy or committing to a gym schedule I want you to know to never stop trying.

Yes Life has a way of challenging us, and it always seems like there isn’t enough time in a day to possibly get everything done. Make time for your health and schedule everything around it. If you do that and always remind yourself to trust the process, you’ll soon be living out your goals of living a healthy and balanced life.