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Emmie’s Success Story

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Emmie’s Success Story


Emmie never thought about what he ate. He got away with eating pizza, white bread, cookies, and ice cream when he was hitting the weight room 6 days a week between practices and games. After school, Emmie continued eating junk food, and he stopped working out. His gut grew larger, and his pants felt tighter.

Emmie was unhappy, to say the least. He was 20 kg’s overweight, and it affected every facet of his life. Relationships with friends and family suffered, as did his career.

One day, Emmie decided he’d had enough. He looked in the mirror, disgusted with himself, and proclaimed, “You are going to change your life.”

One night, while flipping channels, Emmie saw an TV segment titled Muscle TV which caught his attention. Emmie saw Fred discussing meal planning and options. The program looked like it was the real deal. It demanded some hard work. It was clear that Emmi needed to completely change his diet if he was going to get the results he wanted. After a trip to the grocery store, Emmie with Fred’s guidance started to “Bring It.”

Fred consulted with EMMIE at his studio – REALfit, in Prahran.
He’s in better shape than ever, “I dropped 15kgs and am now down to a 28inch waist.” “Since I started training with Fred and the REALfit team 3 times a week I have now burned off a ton of fat and my chest is 42inches and my arms are pumped up to 17inches”

As Emmie would say, I just “do my best and forget the rest”, and this simple commitment has carried over to all aspects of my life, allowing me to continue living each day to the fullest

I dropped 15kgs and down to a 28?Inch waist