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Eating Alone

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Eating Alone

My top clients have one thing in common – they keep an honest fit book and food journal.

They record every mouthful of what they eat and every sip even if they have gone off the rails . I also ask them to jot down the time, who the meal is with, and where they ate it. What I look for is the obvious – macro’s, any bad habits we may need to address, and a summary of their lifestyle and when they tend to deviate.

Other things I’m looking out for are not as obvious – the location of the meals, who they eat with, and what their mood is at the time of eating.

Here’s what I found. Ready?

People rarely eat junk in front of others.

They always eat junk alone. Whether it’s eating out solo, or in front of the TV late at night hey are always on their own.

I believe there’s an in-built self-preservation wire in our brains, which stops us from devouring the entire pizza and 11 Tim Tams in front of our mates.



John was able to transform his body and check in with us on a regular basis the result a winning physique 

It’s true, right?

Think about it – are you more inclined to eat a bunch of crappy food when you’re alone, or when you’re out with friends?

Chances are it’s when you’re alone. So there’s one simple tip for this – NEVER eat alone.


When you eat your meals, do it in front of somebody else. Tell your family, friends and colleagues you’re on a mission to reach your fitness goals, and your brain wiring will stop you from contradicting yourself in front of them.

Remember ot alaway laugh with health

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