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Your Guide to Dropping the Last 6 Kgs of Stubborn Fat for Men and Women Over 40

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dropping the last 6 kgs of stubborn fat

Your Guide to Dropping the Last 6 Kgs of Stubborn Fat for Men and Women Over 40


Let’s agree that fitness is the key to a healthy and happy life right.

Nearly everyone dreams of having a lean fit and often HOT body that they can look in the mirror and feel great naked, don’t they?

But only a select few make the cut (so to speak).

This becomes even more relevant when men and women cross the +40-age mark and strive to maintain their figure and weight.

However, at this age, everything tends to head south their metabolism gets slower, which in combination with hormonal changes, causes them to gain visceral fat quickly.

Losing that added weight during the 40s is a tough ask for both genders, and not everyone can put in grueling hours at the gym or follow incredibly rigid diets.

Moreover, in the challenging journey to be fit, people need support to go all the way.

Sometimes, shedding those last few kilos seems so difficult that people simply give up and revert to unhealthy routines. Today, we’ll tell you how you can manage your weight loss sustainably after turning 40 by following an effective routine.

1.   Follow Your Calorie Intake Rigorously

Starting with the most essential guideline, you must set your diet straight. It doesn’t mean cutting back on everything, but carefully planning your calories to achieve weight loss.

A careful way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you need to sustain. This concept is known as a calorie deficit.

Suppose you require 3000 calories to maintain your current weight. A safe approach would be eating 2500 calories to reduce your weight. Once you know your new daily calorie intake, you should decide what to eat.

calorie deficit diet

Following are some ideas to decide the healthy items for your life:

  • Eat 2-3 cups of veggies. The best benefit of veggies is that they keep you full and they have fewer calories.
  • Don’t cut back on your carbs because they are the fuel for your body. Just replace them with high-quality carbs which have fewer calories.
  • It would help if you increased protein intake because it repairs the body’s fundamental parts and keeps you full for a long time.
  • Fast once a week for 24 hours a great way to change your relationship with food
  • Reduce high fat and starchy carb intake because that’s what we are trying to lose.
  •  However, you need healthy fats for your survival, like almonds and avacado. Therefore, you can include it in your diet.

You must decide your meals and stay within the calorie boundaries at the end of the day.

2.   Bid Farewell to Your Bad Habits

It’s time now to bid farewell to your destructive activities. At the age of 40, it might be difficult knocking some bad habits which you had for plenty of your lifetime. But you have to give up something evil for the greater good.

According to a report, smoking can affect your stamina, hindering your physical health, and affecting your workouts. Another report suggests that alcohol can be a major obstacle in your weight loss journey.

When you consume alcohol uncontrollably, your body focuses on burning the alcohol calories first instead of fat. Moreover, alcohol can give you irresistible hunger pangs, and you’ll eat without adhering to your limits. Therefore, there’s a high chance that your weight may go up instead of going down.

It’s hard to reduce your alcohol intake initially, but you have to try and take a step each day. Ditch drinking until you get to your desired goal. Check out our blog post on Alcohol And Weight Loss – The Ultimate Disrupter!

3.   Lift those Weights and Make That Sweat Your Passion

If you’re just focusing on your diet, that’s just half part of the equation. Throwing in resistance training  will be effective and can speed up the process.

If you don’t incorporate resistance training, then you’ll also lose your muscle mass. That’s not what we want; we only want to lose fat. Therefore, resistance training will help you get stronger over time, burn more calories, and increase muscle mass.

how many personal training sessions per week

Exercising only 30 minutes a day will help you keep in shape, and it’ll also boost your weight loss journey. Besides, people hitting 40 will start to face some heart issues. Therefore, hitting weights or doing some cardio will keep your cardiovascular health in check.

4.   Get Plenty of Shut-Eye

At this point, many people mess up. No one understands the importance of rest. Once you get done with your workout, you get several muscle tears.

Therefore, sleep is very important to ensure optimal growth. Moreover, people above 40 might not get time for rest because they’re too busy focusing on their business.


However, you must take some time for your body. People who get less sleep tend to face obesity.

Having a consistent sleeping plan can help you stay on track. Poor sleep also affects cortisol and insulin hormones, which decrease at night and helps to repair cells and burn fat.

 Therefore, get plenty of ZZZ hours and witness your productivity and freshness.

5.   Work With a Professional Trainer

With a myriad of resources available online, one might be hesitant about the need for a trainer.

However, a personal trainer is more than what the name entails. Consider them as a guide on your journey to weight loss.

being a personal trainer

A trainer is there to keep you accountable, guide you, and look after you. Extensive research suggests that having a personal trainer to foresee your goals will help you stay on track. Moreover, a Personal trainer can help you get the best out of the exercise. In most cases, your mind distracts during training, and we often end up taking long gaps. A good seasoned trainer will help you train your body effectively and efficiently.

Realfit has an experienced team of trainers who will work closely with you and give you comprehensive meal plans, specific exercise routines, and fitness advice and keep you accountable each day by daily updates of your weight.

Silvie dropped 11kgs on the realfit program to watch her journey 

Silvie dropped 11 Kgs on the Realfit challenge

All of this develops consistency to help you achieve your goal.

Weight loss isn’t easy and requires serious effort to change your overall lifestyle, which becomes even more difficult as you pass 40.

Final Verdict

As much as you need to follow the diet and exercise plan, you need to stay accountable.

At RealFit, we make this journey as comfortable and convenient as possible for you.

Our 6-week and 12-week challenges allow you to follow realistic customized plans for men and women that ensure even losing those last  6 kilos is a breeze.

Expand your comfort zone, say no to pain, and ace your weight loss journey!

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