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Does your Personal Trainer display these 3 simple leadership Qualities !

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Does your Personal Trainer display these 3 simple leadership Qualities !


Being ready means being in your uniform, at the appointed meeting place, with the workout created and prepared for that day’s session. Ready does not mean walking into the gym at 8:03 a.m., going to the bathroom, getting dressed, combing your hair, slapping together a quick workout on a Post-It note, and emerging at 8:14 a.m. finally prepared for the session. As a Pt  you the client is paying us for a set time, most commonly an thirsty minutes or an hour . Showing up 5 or 10 minutes late is unacceptable.


When you are officially on the clock with your PT, you should receive your undivided attention. Part of that attention is simply physically staying near you  all the time, with just a few exceptions. Going to get a towel for you the client or setting up the next machine is acceptable, but any time spent away from you should be short and for a specific purpose. We as PT’s are responsible for your safety at all times during the session, and your PT can’t fulfill that responsibility if you are far away.

studio owners Fred and Danni liberatore display leadership qualities at Realfit


As Personal Trainer we belive we should record the workout in its entirety either during or shortly after the session. The workout log serves several important functions:

  • It keeps an accurate record of what happened during your session.
  • It allows the personal trainer to track your progress.
  • It serves as a learning tool by giving the personal trainer an idea of what works and what does not.
  • It serves as a time diary for the workout.
  • It makes creation of future workouts significantly easier.
  • It serves as a legal record of what happened during the workout in the rare instance that the personal trainer is sued.
  • It serves as a resource for billing so that personal trainers and fitness companies know how many personal training sessions were completed each day, week, or month. For that reason among others, clients usually initial or sign their workout log after a session is completed.

Bottom Line we belive at Realfit you need to do what is necessary for our client.

For other Pt’s the message is clear the more experienced you become, the easier this will be. But that is not an excuse for an experienced personal trainer to show up for training sessions with no preparation. Just because you can create a good workout in your head in two minutes does not mean that you should. Designing a thoughtful, long-term plan that emphasizes specificity and overload is important to the client’s overall progress, and you cannot do this on the fly.

These are just the basic a good PT should offer you  !

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