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Did you imagine big enough for 2016

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Did you imagine big enough for 2016

I am not sure how your New Years eve resolution went but the beauty of it all is that in your mind you can “go anywhere”. And where your mind consistently goes, the rest of your life will follow.

For me it’s at the Studio each day between the christmas and new year period then out for walks with my wife down the beach rather than sit and eat till my stomach is content in my mind I choose to go in that direction of true health and fitness.

Truth be told from my own expereince that there is no limit to what you can imagine. And what you imagine, you have already begun to create.Once you create momentum you can really achive and set out to do anything.

For me I allow my thoughts to travel often to beautiful and magnificent places. In my mind, I construct all the rich details of the life I wish to live.

So in order to reach for a dream, you must know what it looks like, how it feels, and where it is. Long before you actually get there, your mind can enable you to experience all these things.

Every success is first a success of the imagination. What wonderful pathways will you dare to imagine when it comes to your fitness goals ?
My advice for 2016 and beyond is to set your imagination free, and it will show you who you are. Let imagination guide your efforts, and your dreams will be fulfilled.

Feel free to share some stories of your imagination by commenting below