Deadlifts are one of the best movements for Building terrific back muscles mass and over all body power.Direct stress is placed on the spinal erectors,buttocks,quadriceps,forearms flexors and trap muscles.Secondary stress is on virtually every other skeletal muscle group particularly on back and hamstrings.

Staring Position

  • Load up Barbell (Not to heavy at first)set your feet shoulder width apart toes pointing straight ahead and shins touching the bar.Bend over with back flat and take the shoulder width grip of the bar and dip your hips to assume the correct pulling position.


  •  Lift the barbell from the floor to a  position resting across your upper thighs by first straightening your legs and then extending your torso,so you are now standing erect with your arms straight down at your sides and bar across your upper thighs.Reverse the movement slowly return the barbell to the floor repeat for desired reps approx 8-10.

Training Tips

  • Be sure your shoulders are pulled back when you are in the top position of the movement and keep your form and gradually increase the weight over time to avoid injury

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