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Dave’s Success Story

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Dave’s Success Story

I applied to work with Fred after a friend had hired him ‘after’ competing. She was tired of rebounding and wanted a different approach to maintenance.

Fred’s approach to getting me on stage was somewhat familiar and yet so different. I’ll start with the nutrition approach. The idea that I can enjoy a potato (which I honestly had not had in 3 years) was striking. Getting to enjoy fats (including: avocados, peanut butter, almonds ) every day was heaven – oh and yogurt at the end of the day just gave me all of the motivation I needed to push through each day. Breakfast has always been my favorite, but meal 6 became a close second!! The hunger was there, as he reminded me it would be, but it was limited and not debilitating. I did not feel deprived at all.

Regarding training: I had never been one for long rests. I have always loved lifting weights and taking up to 120 seconds between sets was difficult for me to get used to. However, I found that I was able to recover and lift the same amount of weight without having to drop weight to complete my workouts. The idea of not having to spend 60+ minutes on the step mill was amazing and when I saw my body start to change without step after step it was incredible.

I shared with Fred that I was at the same weight I had been for my previous shows. He said, “It is not about a number, it’s about a look and you’re not there.” He can be pretty blunt and that was tough to hear. My body had responded so quickly to his program that I thought I’d be ready. But, I pushed forward and put the March date in my head as the day I’d be competing.

During the final week of the show I was surprised each day with how much water (oh my, 8-10 liters is a lot of water!!) I’d have to drink and what I was ‘able’ to eat. In the week leading up to my previous competitions I was exhausted and ready to get it over with and I think it showed in my stage presentations. I can honestly I was excited and felt completely ready to get on stage this time. I had so much more confidence and loved the way my body looked – and felt!

My confidence and preparation paid off. I took the stage and by the end of the day I took 1st in my class, – AND named the 2011 Nabba Champion!!! It took a moment for me to realize they had called MY name!!

My experience with Fred and Real Fit has been nothing short of phenomenal. I look forward to competing again and who knows … maybe even putting a new goal on the list too!