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Creative visualisation

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Creative visualisation

This is a technique in which you use your thoughts and imagination to bring you closer to achieving your goals and creating what you want in life.When we visualise we act,and our subconscious mind interprets imagery as equivalent to a real life action,put simply,as if it already happened,and this helps our intention move from imagination to reality.Scientifically this is termed as experience based  neuro plasticity,which confirms that stimuli as a result of repetitive and consistent visualisation rewires the brains structure and forges new neural circuits to turn your goals into real life experiences.

In order to be successful,creative visualisation requires that all five senses  are fully engaged,if you succumb to doubts and fears then work on freeing your mind from this by bringing your attention back to the positive thoughts of your future success.


Frank used creative visualisation as the glue that primes the brain and he stuck to his goals and developed resilience to keep going in the face of set back and challenges.

To make it a habit repeat and rehearse daily for at least 10 minutes just before sleep is best as the mind enters a state of deep relaxation and becomes responsive to suggestion.