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Commonwealth medal winner inspires Prahran agents to get fit

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Commonwealth medal winner inspires Prahran agents to get fit

A FORMER  Commonwealth silver medallist has inspired his team at Prahran’s Hodges Real Estate to embark on a new fitness regime.

After 22 years of “sporting retirement”, David Lowenstein, a silver medallist in weightlifting from the 1986 Commonwealth games in Edinburgh, decided to get back to the gym and take his team with him.

Mr Lowenstein said he was prompted to get active after waking up one morning and struggling to put his socks on.

“I thought, ‘That’s it, I need to get back to the gym’,” Mr Lowenstein said.

After about a month with long-time friend and personal trainer Fred Liberatore, he could feel the difference.

“I felt better, looked better and was so much more productive so I decided to introduce it to my team,” he said.

Now, Mr Lowenstein, his business partner Lee Tellizzer and about 12 staff members head down the road to Real Fit Personal Training Studio one to two times a week.

“It’s really important we all lead a healthy lifestyle,” Mr Lowenstein said.

“We’re more productive, it’s great socially and it’s just a good laugh.”

This article was Published in the Stonington Leader by Holly McKay