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Chicken Legs to Collosal legs

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Chicken Legs to Collosal legs

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There is a school of thought that in order to build massive legs you need to do low reps,well I am here as a Mr Australia and Personal Trainer to dispel that myth!
Legs are one of the largest muscle groups in the human body and the main muscles are quadriceps’s and hamstring’s,the quads consist of four moderately large that contract to straighten the leg completely from fully or partially bent position.
The Primary muscles at the back of the thigh is the bicep femoris,which is often called the leg biceps.The primary muscle group of the buttocks is the gluteus maximum,which are called the glutes when you talk about both sides of the body,the gluet’s help’s contract to straighten the line of the legs and torso from a position when the body is completely or partially flexed at the waist.
The leg adductors,primarily the sartorius muscles,help to pull your legs together toward each other from a position in which they are partially or completely apart.The sartorius muscles is the longest single muscle group in the human body.

master coach and Personal Trainer Fred is a big advocate for leg extensions

Training Tips 
I believe the key to really getting ripped and huge legs is use of isolation and compounds exercises and high reps of between 20-40 rep range and a mix of drip set’s and superset’s.
The isolation principal consists of many’rep’flexes of each muscle group,holding the limb’s in different position’s,one of the key’s to my own success in ripping up the thigh’s has been use of peak contraction and slow continuous tension which consists of heavy weight and high rep’s for that ultimate burn.

Continuous tension and reduced rest periods involves moving the weight in a controlled manner over the full range of motion of an exercise while powerfully contracting the quads and hamstrings while you do the exercise.
This way you can develop stronger and stronger contractions in your working muscles,which eventually leads to more muscle and more detail !