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Chest of champions !

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Chest of champions !

Your gym is probably filled with guys who claim to know everything about chest training,you know the ones that boast about their bench press totals and critique others on their form.

Best Training approach

For chest growth and development don’t just focus on the Bench Press,You have to work chest from every direction-do everything from Pressing  to Dips and to pullovers and throw in incline’s.I believe to grow your muscles you really have to break it down,and that mean’s shorter rest periods,exhausting the muscle and sometimes going with higher reps to failure.

james created a chiseled chest following the realfit training principals

I wouldn’t recommend just trying to bench more:that’s just not productive,Feeling the contraction is more important for me that pressing the weight,In my time I have seen a lot of guys who can bench a lot of weight but have weak looking chest.Angle work is very important.Inclines presses are my favourite exercise-why ?because I can actually see the pump develop !

   Train it on it’s own

Yes you can pair chest with any number of body parts for example many lifters match it with triceps,but my suggestion is to train it on it’s own.

Best detailed exercise for chest

I like to give my client’s a flat bench fly-It’s a great exercise to shape the outer section of the pecs,when performed correctly.It also stretches and helps deepen the chest and give you a great tension thus bringing out the striations.

  Ideal Number of working set’s in a chest workout and favourite day to train chest

I personally think you need to do no less than  12 and you can even go up to 15,you should experiment to see how many set’s work for you,but I wouldn’t recommend falling below 12 sets.Monday is the most popular day’s to train chest

The Biggest Mistake

The number one mistake i see people to is that they lack consistency,so you need to make sure you’re not skipping workouts or going more than a week maximum between chest workouts,obviously the other Mistake’s are no control,poor technique  and lifting with your ego rather than choosing a weight based on reality !

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