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Chances are you suffer from RMS Rearview Mirror Syndrom

At times we all suffer from RMS,so it’s not only expected that in the qust of your fitnss goals that you will be a bit hesitant or nervous,but its actually a sign that your ready to commit,

If you see yourself as struggling and striving, you give power to fear, pain and despair. Choose instead to see yourself as making a positive difference, and give your power to the very best things you can imagine and do your best to let go of the past .

You never have to live on the level at which everything is a problem or a conflict. You can decide to live on a higher level at which every situation is an opportunity to invoke and to express life’s goodness.

  dan before his journey

Dan is a great example of making himself the best version he has to offer

In each moment, allow that goodness to stream into your world. With each day, lovingly bring to life the value that is yours to create.find out more and contact us for a free consultation click here