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Old School Muscle Celebrating 🎉55 Years of Age ‘The Life of A Veteran Personal Trainer’ 🎈

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celebrating 55 years of age

Old School Muscle Celebrating 🎉55 Years of Age ‘The Life of A Veteran Personal Trainer’ 🎈

Yep, it’s the second week February and I am celebrating turning 55 years of age, I thought in this blog article I would celebrate the old school muscle and provide you with an insight into well me and my life as I turn 55.

I honestly believe in the past 4 decades if training I have found the fountain of youth it is the Gym and more importantly what you do in the “house of pain” or” temple of doom” or whatever you hell you want to call it!

The gym has always been a bad ass place for me to do 3 things sweat, swear and smile (the title of my book which will be released soon.)

To be brutely honest even during lockdown training at home or in the garage was ok, but nothing compares to going to a small fitness studio like ours in my honest opinion a place whereby you can truly switch on and leave the world behind and be part of a community sharing the same goals and aspirations.

My awesome clients also love the fact that they can train in an environment that unshackles them from the house, which for many has also become a place of work with a laptop not too far in sight checking emails and answering calls on unscheduled hours has thrown out what we now call normal now there is a new covid normal, and it ain’t pretty.

 The fitness industry in Australia really began in the early ’80s mainly marketed as aerobic exercise (who can forget the spandex wearing instructors on the TV show, Aerobics OZ Style?).

While this may have been entertaining, there still was not much actual information out there about the science behind body and fitness. Quality gym equipment was not available either; it was clunky or poorly made at the best of times. There was no easy way to improve muscle back then and we often had to improvise.

One day my older brother John and I got creative with a few rusted, empty paint tins that were left over from when Dad painted the house. John saw their potential and made a barbell by filling them with cement and fixing an old rusty six-foot-long thick pipe between them.

I stumbled across a Spenby at my local Op shop. A Spenby was a chest expander with a quick-change snap link that would basically rip out any chest hair I had if I were not careful. I did not care, I wanted it, and I refused to wait a minute longer. That Spenby did not help me make friends, but the allure of John’s homemade barbell brought friends from every direction.

The repetition of using the barbell to press, pull and squeeze, worked every imaginable muscle in my body. I worked out tirelessly in the bungalow behind our Brunswick home with only the streetlight from the laneway allowing me to see. After the workout I would scoff down a dozen bananas and guzzle a carton of full cream milk for nutrients.  

So that is how I became resolved to ‘Test and Measure’ everything and see what did and did not work. This has become my personal fitness philosophy and I speak about it throughout my book titled Sweat Swear and Smile.

So many years of working with individuals of differing body types, different lifestyles, tastes, and preferences, by testing and measuring various methods, I have developed a program to specifically focus on different areas of the body, and in conjunction with the best eating regime, my clients (and myself) are able to obtain the desired results in a realistic, sustainable timeframe.

Not long after this, around 1985, I started working at the council run gym at Broadmeadows Leisure Centre. When I was not working, I would wrestle. My obsession with fitness was at its peak and people were starting to notice.

My three goals when studying exercise, nutrition and psychology were to:

 1. Learn everything I possibly could about nutrition and metabolism and its effects on the body.

 2. Research those at the top of their game, break their model down and make it better; and

 3. Graduate with high marks as a gym instructor and massage therapist.

My obsession to learn about the human body led me to undergo a certificate in massage. Once qualified I offered sports massage from my parents’ home to my fitness training partners who always complained about feeling sore. From massage I then studied and qualified as a Personal Trainer. Back when I graduated, personal training was not as big as it is now.  

Realfit studio fosters a culture of positivity. Each one of my personal trainers  is well respected by their peers and clients.

We always encourage new and ground-breaking ideas within a fun and challenging environment. If we make mistakes (and we do), we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep going. This is the spirit of my gym, moving forward all the time.

I do my best to instil a positive approach with my trainers and encourage them to believe in themselves, the way I did during my own learnings over time. In turn that belief helps clients believe in themselves. We are in it for the long haul and it is evident in the way we work. The core of the business is transformations.

So whatever that looks like for each individual client: body changes, nutrition changes, reduced stress and anxiety, more confidence, better sleep and losing the gut etc.

We are here to help facilitate the changes each client desires through one-on-one personalised training or group sessions, either in-person or online. Access to first-class training, no matter your location, and resources to support your journey, is our priority I believe the saying — you pay for what you get — holds true, especially in the personal training industry.

When I see new clients, I expect them to have done their research on the studio trainers and have chosen to work with a trainer that specialises in the area they are aiming for.

Having trainers niched in a specialty, enables the trainer to work to their strengths and not to be everything to everyone, and then the client gets the targeted results they are looking for.

Witnessing a client’s confidence grow as their body changes and the pride they feel when they reach their goals is the most rewarding moment for me.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that they were once the shy, insecure, quiet, out of shape or depressed/unhappy person that first contacted me to transform their body, mind and entire being a few months before.

It takes courage for someone to admit they need help and it is something I never take for granted. The moral of this article is that weight training is not only about feeling great and looking fit; it is also about preventing yourself from serious injury, especially and old fool like myself who I now 55 years of age.

If it is one thing, I know as I celebrate turning 55 is that the human body is a smart and incredible machine that we often take that for granted.

So be a little more like me and have an old school approach to training by sweating swearing and smiling and look after your body for the first 50 years and it will reward you for the next 50 cheers and here is to your health!


sweat swear smile - coming soon
Sweat Swear Smile

First Chapter of my book excerpt

ok so you have read this far and Let me know If you would love an excerpt of my first chapter of my Book Sweat Swear & Smile by replying here and I will send you a link and notify you when my book is released!


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Always Laughing with health even at 55 years of age.