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Celebrate what’s working

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Celebrate what’s working

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Occasionally you’ll feel a little flat walking into the gym, causing you some hassles, frustration and negativity can set in . Yet how many more times do you have cause to be thankful when you do workout well, the pump happens, and you have another great workout ?

The no pain no gain at times seem to be overwhelming. Keep in mind though, that the only reason you notice them at all is because they are so relatively rare.

In the normal course of going to the gym, there are so very many things which work just fine that you only notice a small fraction of them all.

So open your awareness to more of them,it could be completing a high rep workout and improving your Personal Best weight so why not seek to be more genuinely thankful for them, and you’ll connect more fully to their immensely positive power.

Celebrate what’s working in your life and in your fitness life, and those few things that are not working will hardly be able to even slow you down.

So Celebrate what’s working with your fitness  and it will increasingly work even better for you.