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Building Bigger Arms insider tip’s from veteran Mr Australia

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Building Bigger Arms insider tip’s from veteran Mr Australia

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When you’re in pursuit of the biggest arms in Australia for someone that’s in his 50’s , you can’t get caught up on just training the biceps.

Although they seem to be synonymous with arms training,they’re actually just one of many of the muscles involved, and they may even be the least important when it comes to creating visual size.

So I have put together a Four Week Arm Specialization Program

Since we’re spending four days per week getting your guns to grow, stop worrying about the rest of your body.

Keep everything else on the back burner and focus all of your attention on your arms so you don’t compromise recovery.

Your squat and dead lift aren’t going to go down because you’re spending all your time training arms. Don’t worry. Unless you’re trying to hinder your growth, everything must be put on mega maintenance mode. You can (and should) spend one day a week, or even every other week, training your other body parts. The best day would be after

Day Two or Day Four of the workouts below.

Day One and Two are going to be done on consecutive days. For example, Monday and Tuesday.

Day Three and Four are also going to be done consecutively, but only after at least a 24 or 48-hour break from Day Two’s workout.

The arms aren’t exactly comprised of the biggest muscles so at first they may not be able to handle a lot of volume. Because of this, over the course of four weeks, each session is gradually going to see an increase in sets.

Once you complete this program, go back to your normal volume for arm training.

Day 1

Your goal is to lift heavy! Without sacrificing form

Don’t hold back. These are compound exercises primarily and you’re going to be attacking the fast twitch fibres.

You can’t build big ass arms without lifting big ass weights.

One big thing in this day is that each week you’re going to add a set to your “A” group. In week 1, you’re doing 3 sets, then week 2 you’ll perform 4 sets, week 3 we’re up to 5 sets, and then in week 4, 6 sets are to be performed.

Day 2

It’s very important when you’re trying to build a significant amount of mass that you create enough stress and place enough damage that the muscle is forced to cope with these stresses by adding more muscles.

Training and developing arms takes time just be patient !

Higher reps and higher time under tension gives you a break from the heavier weight but also cause your arms to pump so much that you’ll feel like you could step on stage for any bodybuilding show.

This workout will not take you long. That’s precisely the point.

Get in, get pumped, get out.

Day 3

Each week on your “A” group you’re going to increase a set (*) while decreasing a rep (^). So during week one you’ll hit push press with three sets and six reps.

The following week will be four sets and five reps. And so on down the line.

Day 4

Just like on day two, the primary goal of today is to attack the arms with higher reps and from a variety of angles to ensure all heads and muscles get thrashed.

If you can perform the overhead extensions seated, that would be awesome. If not, I understand.

Finally, you’ll see there’s no sets or rest for the C group. That’s because you’re going to perform these as a density set. Take as minimal rest and perform as many sets as you possibly can in twelve minutes.

That’s A Wrap

If you want big guns, this is your ticket,let us know how you go ! sign up for a free consult here