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Building A Better Body “One Rep” At A Time

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Building A Better Body “One Rep” At A Time

For someone like me in there 50’s getting in tip top shape is a lot like a build project. First, there must be a clear vision in the mind. Then the vision goes onto paper as a blueprint. Then I talk to my wife and Plant the seed and it takes a few weeks to lay the foundation and not forgetting that more hard work and soul searching will follow.

Then you go about your journey and on a weekly basis, it doesn’t seem like much is happening in fact you feel like things are a bit in reverse. You look in the mirror and appear, for the most part, the same as you did yesterday.

But sure enough…..BANG ! the small improvements are slowly but surely accumulating. One day, you look in the mirror and “suddenly,” your blueprint has become reality.

For me it’s to achive the body of a Mr Australia amatuer bodybuilder  and I haven’t built it overnight it has been built over time,trial and error.

I know after being in the game for over 20+ years that growth and development of any kind always requires a gestation period.

For a baby, it’s nine months. If you were an expectant mother, would you want to hurry the process?

With the help of Gary of PT revolution ” I keep things in check “

So if you ever get frustrated with your rate of progress (and who doesn’t), just remember;

success is always guaranteed to the persistent.

For me I also engage in Personal Trainer to keep thing’s in check on a weekly basis and Gary of PT revolutionis the guy that does it,each week he train’s me and as he say’s

” Fred It just takes time “

So I like to think you can become the Michealangelo architect and builder of your own dream body. Trust me when I say you WILL build the body you want eventually if you’re patient enough and you refuse to quit, And be sure to set your goals HIGH! Create a fantastic blueprint. Michelangelo said, “The greatest danger is not that we set our goals too high and miss them, the greatest danger is that we set our goals too low and we reach them.”
Yes I also get the fact that there are very few unrealistic goals; only goals with unrealistic deadlines.

So keep laying those “rep’s” – every day – one at a time – and sure enough, eventually, you’ll build yourself your own dream body.

Building my body one rep at a time :)with the help of Gary PT revolution

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