For Margarita she developed great back muscles as a late bloomer we thought we would share some of her great tips

  • Train your back at least once per week, if not twice. Remember, we want to build a balanced, symmetrical physique. So if you’ve been skipping back day, it’s time to re-focus.
  • I always use straps on my back days to take my grip, my forearms, and my biceps out of the exercises as much as possible. I also like to use hooks for rowing movements.
  • I definitely have some intense leg workouts, but my back workouts are a little more delicate because they’re important and they’re planned out so carefully. I often close my eyes, pull the weight back, and hold the contraction. I like to feel the muscles working.
  • A good rule on any back exercise is to keep your butt out, your lower back arched, and your chest out. It’s an athletic, secure position that keeps your spine safe and your core engaged.
  • Get yourself a trainer for me I was fortunate to hire Fred at Realfit and the results speak for themselves



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