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Break Through The Fat and say Bye Bye fat Forever !

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Break Through The Fat and say Bye Bye fat Forever !

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As a Personal Trainer and Body Transformation specialist I have been Researching the best and worst of weight loss for many years, and working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer with over 20 years in the fitness Industry.

I’m  truly passionate about helping my clients close the gap in achieving weight loss and optimum health and incredible energy levels.

My goal is to create a holistic approach to health, nutrition and anti aging !

In this detailed over 78 page workbook the information may seem overwhelming at the start, I would recommend you taking small gradual steps and by incorporating one new change at a time and keep moving forward.

If the kick start detox is something you cannot realistically do just start with the weight loss phase of the program and regularly review your healthy eating tips.

Remember small changes make for big results keep your new habits consistent and on going after all repetition is the mother of all skill.

Exercise and Nutrition is an integral part of good health and increasing your fat loss, if done correctly.

Be consistent and make a commitment to yourself and your rewards will be reaped, I am available for any other assistance as your trainer and also take this opportunity to congratulate you on your decision to transform and nurture your body.

Fred’s E-book was simple to follow and it also held me accountable ! It was like having my own coach 24/7 with Fred’s Knowledge on all the supplements I need to take and food- how could I go Wrong say’s Stach !

With the Help of Fred’s e-book I got onto win my First Ever Bikini competition and  I still use all the recipe’s from the Book ! Its absolutely delicious and the Goal setting is what keeps me accountable ! Jessie

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Fred Liberatore

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