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Born To Win…But Programmed To Fail

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Born To Win…But Programmed To Fail

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“Programmed” to fail? Wow, that’s pretty strong language, isn’t it?NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION ! READ ON …

No. Not at all. In fact, most of us don’t have a clue how programmed we really are, how much we’re “running on automatic,” and how a huge percentage of our life today consists of “acting out” what we were programmed to do so many years ago.

The first thing you need to understand is that you were NOT created to go through life as the victim of your own “worldly” programming. There is a MUCH BETTER way to live — much happier, much healthier, and filled with much more aliveness.

But you’ll never find out what it is until you discover and accept what has been done to you. You can’t take off the blinders if you don’t know that you’re wearing them!

The important lesson is that you are not free!  And if you are going to succeed at weight loss-or at life-this is something you must understand!

I am living proof that with the right attitude we can follow any dream !

You may believe you have freedom of choice, but in reality you have virtually no choice at all-at least, not yet. The truth is that you are running on automatic! Your programming started at birth, and continues to operate to this very day. Just like the computer in your den, you are programmed to respond mechanically and automatically to the world around you, according to the beliefs that were programmed into you so long ago.


So what’s the solution? How do we fix the mess we’re in?

God gave you great power to choose the course of your life. You even get to choose between Heaven and hell! If you are given a choice that big, don’t you think the smaller choices are certainly within your power?

Never Forget: YOU Are Still The Programmer!

To stop losing and start winning, you will only need to do two things. First, you will design an alternative replacement behavior that you will activate whenever you see or feel yourself “slipping” into your habitual unhealthy actions.

Second, you will use your own awareness of your slipping to AUTOMATICALLY activate your new, healthy behavioral subroutine.

That’s really all there is to it!

No Stress, No Struggle, Nothing Complicated About It

Will you “get it right” on the first try. No, Grasshopper. But then, you didn’t get your “bad” behavior solidified on the first try, either-did you?

You WILL succeed, but you need to not be in a hurry. What you DO need are practice, patience, and persistence-the “three Ps” of success.

I know from my years as a coach that you CAN do it. WILL you do it? That’s totally up to you. But if I can help in any way, I sincerely hope you’ll let me know.