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It’s time to make a BODY COMEBACK!

Victorian-based personal trainer Fred Liberatore has heard the passionate pleas of people all over the state – “Please help me shed these Covid kilos!”

His usually bustling personal training studio, like all Vic-based fitness studios, has been closed for months due to continual lockdowns, and he says, “People are desperate to regain some control in their lives and lose their covid weight gain and re-set their mindset! They’re desperate for an entire transformation!”

In a bid to increase motivation and help people stay positive about their health, Fred has invented a system so that people can maximise results and minimise weight gain. His system is based on three things: Sweating, Swearing and Smiling! His unconventional health philosophy is so helpful that his client Australian celebrity chef and food critic Matt Preston has written a foreword to the book endorsing Fred’s approach and incredible RESULTS!

Check out some of Fred’s clients’ transformations here

What is Sweat Swear Smile? It is NOT just another “fitness” book. It is NOT a book about weight loss

  • Though it will help you get a lot stronger and the ability to live an awesome life. It is NOT a book about just exercise - though it will help you understand how to move freely and empower you to make decisions and learn the secret sauce of lasting success. This is NOT a book about just eating chicken and broccoli - though it will help you get off the merry-go-round of weight loss and understand the secret sauce of lasting success. Sweat Swear Smile Is A SHORTCUT To Lasting Success Guaranteed! This is not a book about just “how to stay fit” ... but, if you do what it says, you will have more energy lose weight and gain lean muscle-guaranteed s. Why can I say that? Because this IS a book about how everyday fitness enthusiasts can use the power of movement to have an awesome life, be pain free and get leaner and ... no matter what you can stay accountable too!

"It’s refreshing to see someone of Fred’s calibre put out great content this book is packed with that ." - Amelia Phillips, Fitness & Nutrition expert TV presenter

fred12 weeks

A Tried And True Approach To Nutrition And Body Composition - Proven By Thousands Of Clients

I’ve been a personal trainer for four decades. In that time, I’ve trained elite athletes, magazine models, fitness competitors and everyday Janes and Joes.

I am on a mission to improve the health, nutrition and mindset of everyday Australians who have had their fair share of pain and suffering. Fred says, “I had to find a way where people could get a great workout and still feel socially connected. A way people could transform their bodies quickly without falling prey to poor nutrition, fad diets or unrealistic expectations. I invented my Sweat-Sweat-Smile personal training system so the average person could make a body comeback without all the stress and burden of dieting and over-exercising.”

This isn’t a book about helping you understand biochemistry, it’s about using what we know about biochemistry to help you achieve your best – inside and outside the gym.

How Is This Book Different To The Other Fitness And Nutrition Books?

Most nutrition books are written for people who don’t go to the gym and only want to lose a couple of kilos. I write for people who take results seriously and want to look hot naked.

So I get it. This is probably not the first book on nutrition you’ve ever read, and it probably won’t be your last. However, it will be paradigm shifting. A book you come back to and recommend to others wanting to get in shape the right way.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a fitness newbie, my nutrition system and philosophy will help you level up your results, free you from confusion and give you clarity on what to implement and how.

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About The Author

With over four decades in the fitness industry, Fred Liberatore’s
knowledge and experience has created one passionate and
highly sought-after Master Coach and Body Transformation Expert!
From the moment he stepped into a gym as a young teenager, Fred was hooked on learning about health, nutrition and fitness. Fred’s unique commitment to testing and measuring the countless techniques and fads that have come and gone over his fitness career, has empowered truly incredible results for himself and hundreds of his clients.
Fred knows what works and what doesn’t, so he can tailor training programs to everyone’s unique body type, needs and
personal goals. Fred has the edge over 99% of personal trainers, coaches and health experts because he understands the physical aspect of training and nutrition in the finest detail.
Importantly Fred also combines this with the mental edge he has discovered after years of studying the world’s top peak
performance experts.
Fred’s philosophy has always been to train hard, no excuses. His own peak fitness is a reflection of that winning numerous bodybuilding titles,which culminated in the coveted title of Mr Australia in the NABBA Masters in 2000. Fred went on to also win the NABBA Grand Master title in 2016. Fred loves empowering people to achieve physical success no matter what their goal is. Supported by his devoted family and fitness team, Fred
owns and operates RealFit gym in Melbourne, which takes coaching, training and nutrition to the next level. Fred’s goal at RealFit is to create a holistic approach to health, nutrition and anti-ageing that inspires fulfilment in all aspects of life for his clients

Fred Liberatore

Lean Muscle for Life with Australi's Master Personal Trainer Fred Liberatore

FAQs About Sweat Swear Smile Book

This book is dedicated to you, the inquisitive and brave reader that
has picked up this book in determination for a better, fitter, stronger version of yourself. It's dedicated to unlocking that part of you that lives for no regrets, that wants to find out what you’re truly capable of once and for all.This book will show you the door to a physically stronger life and now you are here, I know you have the courage to open it and step through.

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As long as your body is able and you have no serious medical condition, then your good to go, we also recommend you seek your doctor's guidance and obtain advise.

Yes not only does it cover nutrition we also discuss your mindset and of course the different type of resistance trainng.

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