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Bodybuilder comes clean with this one trick to help his clients

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Bodybuilder comes clean with this one trick to help his clients

ok I will get straight to the point now that I have your attention!

Did you know that a thick, juicy steak is one of the most rewarding and  delicious meals you can eat ..

It’s such a healthy source of protein—and one of the world’s healthiest foods.
Not only is a grass-fed steak an excellent source of protein, essential amino acids, and healthy fats; it’s also a tremendously versatile food—it’s great as part of a breakfast (steak and salad, anyone?), lunch (how about steak and sweet potato), or dinner (with your favourite green veggies).
In short: steak really  is the perfect food. 
Even better, steak is beneficial for both your health and masculinity.
For Men A steak is full of healthy fat, which in addition to some other benefits, can help keep your testosterone levels where they should be.
For Women The Institute of Medicine recommends women consume 18 mg of iron each day and Lean red meat supplies a good amount of iron.
Red meat does also have significantly more b12, iron, and zinc than white meat, and those things alone are enough to set it apart. Where red meat really shines, though, is in its fatty acid profile.
For me as a seasoned PT It’s one of the best damn foods on the planet, and I believe that everyone should know how to cook it and choose a good cut so speak to your local butcher .
I put together this handy  guide to help you make the best damn steak you’ll ever eat in your life.
You’ll need a pan, something to grease that pan, seasoning, and of course, your meat. 
As a general rule, we try to buy and eat organic, grass-fed beef. Yep bit more expensive but It’s better for you, the cow, and the planet.

Seriously, do this. Every time.

Now, it’s easy for me to pick up some high-quality, grass-fed beef from a local grocery store or farmer’s market, but I know that for a lot of people, it’s not that easy.
I’d say to try to buy as locally as possible and research the net as there are many wholesale butchers that deal direct with the public , ok here goes


STEP 1 – Begin with a yummy  piece of organic grass-fed I personally love ribeye. Lay it on the plate and gaze in wonderment at the marvelous gift nature has given you.

STEP 2  -Place your cast iron over HIGH heat for 3 minutes, then bring the heat down to MED HIGH (this really just gets the pan up to the right temp faster).

STEP 3 Place a very, very generous pat of butter in the pan add seasoning if you like personally i prefer to keep it free of any seasoning .

We included steak on the day of Chris show to help with the finishing touches !

STEP 4  Nudge the heat just between HIGH and MED HIGH and place your steak in the center of the pan.

STEP 5– Cook for 3 minutes. At the 3 minute mark, bring the heat down to MEDIUM and flip the steak. (Use tongs; don’t jab at it with a fork).

You’ll notice your steak is a nice healthy brown, with a few areas that look a tad crispy. The fat should be much darker, and will have receded into the meat.

STEP 6 – Allow this side of the steak to cook for 3 minutes. At the 2 minute mark, place a dollop of butter on the top of the steak, and allow to melt.

At the 3 minute mark, bring heat to HIGH and flip again. If the butter hasn’t melted completely, make sure it winds up under the steak as you flip.

STEP 7 – After flipping, cook for 2 minutes, then turn heat OFF and flip steak once more.

STEP 8 – Cook for 1 minute, then—using tongs—remove steak from pan and place on plate.

STEP 9 – Wait 3-5 minutes. Very important. Letting the meat rest helps make sure the juices don’t leak out on first cut. Additionally, the juice, being kept inside, will further cook and flavor the meat.

STEP 10 – Cut into your steak. The edges should be firm and well-cooked, almost crispy; the interior should be bright red on the inside.

Congratulations; you’ve just perfectly cooked meat, rare — get ready to enjoy the best goddamn steak you’ve ever had.

Step 11 – Serve with green Salad

Enjoy and remember to laugh with health