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Best way to chin up

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Best way to chin up

danni showing us how its done

As shown here with Danni the chin up can be used as a back and arm accessory exercise, much like the pull up, to increase arm and back pulling strength, increase muscle hypertrophy of the back and biceps, and improve grip strength and muscle endurance necessary for heavy lifts or grip dependent exercise.

Being able to move your own body-weight in a wide array of movement patterns is key for most sports say’ Danni -you be surprised the flow on effect the chin up has for a number of different advantages. To do chin ups can translate into a stronger back, biceps, and forearms; all of which ARE necessary for other primal movements such as , dead-lifts, squats, and presses.Additionally, the chin up is a multi-joint upper body exercise making it a great moment to add to anyone’s exercise program.

Danni recommends to start progressing toward a vertical chin using equipment such as a TRX or Barbel fixed to a rack then gradually move to a horizontal position and work with resistance band for support or have a Trainer assist and tweak your movement.

The end goal should be once you have arrived at the top of the bar, stabilise your body and then lower yourself to the start position under control.

Be sure to keep tension on the back and biceps throughout this moment, and always secure a stable core and shoulder girdle prior to proceeding into another repetition and remember to laugh with health.