These are the 3 guidelines to follow after a workout:

1. As with every meal, you should include a lean, complete protein source, such as grilled chicken breast, cottage cheese, or protein powder.

These are not only high-quality protein sources, they are also “quick-digesting proteins”, which is optimal after a workout (so the proteins’ amino acids reach your muscles as quickly as possible).

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2. Include a simple carb, such as a banana, apple, or berries. The sugar in fruit helps replenish the glycogen that was just lost in your workout, which is key to your recovery.

Normally we suggest simple and/or starchy carbs earlier in the day and then transitioning to fibrous carbs (veggies) later in the day.

However, if you workout in the afternoon or evening, this is the exception to the rule – you’ll want a smaller portion of fibrous carbs (veggies), replaced by a portion of simple carbs (fruit)

3. Have little to no fat after your workout. Although we normally recommend a healthy fat source at each snack and meal, after your workout is the one exception.

The reason is simple: fat slows down the digestion (and absorption) of carbs, and again, you want these carbs going directly to your muscles as quickly as possible.

So what are some ideal snacks or meals after your workout? Here are my 3 top ones:

A.) A protein shake made with a scoop of protein powder, 3/4 of a banana, ice and water

B.) Scrambled egg whites,sweet potatoes, and apple slices

C.) Rolled oats with chopped banana and protein powder stirred in drizzled with flax oil

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