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Arni’s 4 Key Success Principals

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Arni’s 4 Key Success Principals

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Arnold’s approach was anything but ordinary and his bodybuilding success was by no means accidental.

The Oak didn’t just train hard; he trained smart, too. “To get big, you have to get strong. Beginning and intermediate bodybuilders shouldn’t be as concerned with refinement as with growth.”

That meant focusing less on single-joint, isolation movements in favour of multi-joint exercises. The bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, bent-over row, and power clean are all examples of multi-joint exercises which require several muscle groups to work in coordination. While more difficult to master, they offer the added benefit of allowing you to train very heavy to overload the working muscle. Mastering these moves and challenging yourself with heavy weights, Arnold wrote, was the single-most critical component of gaining strength and size.

Arnold didn’t need his business degree to know that diminishing returns applies to workouts, too. Do the same workout for too long without making significant changes and its value falls over time. That’s when a bodybuilder finds himself in a rut.

“Within a basic framework, I was constantly changing my exercises. I liked to shock the muscles by not letting them get complacent in a constant routine.”

Arnold did his homework when it came to planning his training sessions. If he found that an exercise was no longer producing gains, he’d switch it for another. Never afraid to experiment with new exercises or alternative training methods, Arnold was on a perpetual search for new ways to become bigger and better as old ways became stale .

Arnold Business Success Summit 2018 – March 16, 2018: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

If you’ve got big pecs, it’s only natural to want to show them off. As a result, you probably also give them a little extra effort in the gym. But Arnold took exactly the opposite approach. At one point, Arnold decided his calves had fallen behind the rest of his physique in overall development. Rather than hide the glaring weakness, he famously cut off the pant legs on his pants and wore shorts to constantly remind himself of his weakness and redouble his efforts to grow his calves. He trained calves more frequently, early in his workouts when he was fresh, and sometimes between sets for larger body parts.

“The way to success, in and out of bodybuilding, is having as much knowledge as possible,” Arnold said. By seeking out information and experimenting with new approaches, you’re better able to discern what works from what’s a waste of time. Because each individual is unique, Mr. Olympia’s training routine may not work best for you.

Today there are infinite ways to find information on the web, but the various resources competing for your attention can be confusing. Your best bet is to regularly check out and  library of blog articles for new ideas that relate to exercise selection, weights and loads, training volume, and setting up your splits. Try new ideas and incorporate those you like.

Just like Arnold, you can experiment on your own physique