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are you balalncing your weight training and cardio sessions

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are you balalncing your weight training and cardio sessions

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Most fitness experts like myself  are recommending only 2-3 HIIT style or high intensity cardio workouts per week when you’re concurrently doing intense weight training. If you want to increase your calorie deficit so you can burn more fat in less time, go ahead and do more training. But for most people, the additional workouts should be low or medium in intensity so they don’t interfere with physical recovery or lead to mental burnout.

” 68 year of age we were able to get Graeme in tip top shape and balance his strength and cardio workout”” 

Intense daily boot-campish workouts may appeal to the “I want to be tough as a navy seal” personality types and advanced workouts serve their purpose – to provide an appropriate challenge for advanced fitness enthusiasts. If you enjoy it, and if you can recover from it, and if you can stay injury-free, and if you can stick with it consistently, then go for it. But be sure to balance your intensity with recovery:
Balance your weight training and cardio (volume, frequency and intensity) so you can recover from both and reap the benefits of both forms of training.

Vary your workouts with some form of periodisation or intensity-cycling system.
Last but not least, I believe that weight training should sit atop the exercise hierarchy as one part of a total fitness program.
Fat loss programs that are based entirely on calisthenic, aerobic or body weight exercise are popular today, but I recommend a 4-element model:

1. Nutrition 2. Weight training 3. Cardio training (low/moderate and intense) 4. Mental training (mindset and motivation)

For total fitness and physique development – muscle, strength, conditioning and leanness, combine weights with cardio.

Judiciously balance hare-like intensity with recovery.

AND most important  do it all with tortoise-like consistency.

Then, watch what happens to your body. You will like it! click to get your free trial 

Train hard and expect success,