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Alcohol and Fat Loss

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Alcohol and Fat Loss

As a Personal Trainer/Coach I see many people with different Goals and the subject of alcohol and fat loss is often raised,in the first few minutes of a session so I thought I would discuss these 2 Gremlins ?

First let me be clear that you can eat a perfect diet and train till you pewk,but make no mistake you will still have a difficult time losing stubborn fat if you are not careful with your alcohol consumption.

The scary thing about alcohol is the fact that it has  7 calories per g/almost as much as fat 9/g and  just about twice as many calories as a gram of carb’s and protein.So even just a few Beers with the boy’s down the pub or some chardonnay’s with girls for a catch up can set you back  up to 3-400 calories.

Oh and if that doesn’t grab your attention then studies show that alcohol makes people hungrier and at the same time lowers there inhibition,so you will be more likely to binge on fried and saturated fatty foods.

I myself am not and never have been a drinker but this doesn’t mean you have to quit,I believe alcohol just like fat and sugar can be consumed in small moderate amount’ here are some tips I have put together.

  • Choose a light beer over some of the heavy micro brews. Several lite beers now have as few as 64 calories in a 12-oz. bottle,whereas some micro brews have more than 200 calories!
  •  Use Mineral  or even plain water  instead of sugary mixers such as juice, regular soda, or syrup in mixed drinks. That can save you 200 to 300 calories or more per cocktail.
  • Don’t forget Water For every alcohol drink be sure to consume water which will effectively help your body metabolize the alcohol and even stop hangovers the next morning.

So for Maximum fat loss be sure  to keep drinking to a realistic minimum and only indulge once in a while and never give up on your journey to health and fitness and the quest for fat loss.

In health


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