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After Dinner snacking and ‘How To Stop it ‘

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After Dinner snacking and ‘How To Stop it ‘

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Are you one of those people who find it hard (or impossible) not to snack between dinner and bed time?

If so, did you know that this one bad habit could be keeping you from enjoying life at your healthiest weight?so read on

Since your self-sabotaging thinking may be “hiding out” at an unconscious or semi-conscious level, it can be tricky to ID. So here’s a client-tested technique for exposing your “hidden” SSBs to the light of day.

As a Personal Trainer/Master coach I have seen it all before and when you find yourself about to do some eating that you know in your heart isn’t healthy do these three things:

1. Ask yourself: How am I “justifying” this unhealthy behavior? What am I saying to myself that makes it “OK” to do what I know I should not be doing?”

2. If that doesn’t quite do it, then ask yourself: “What would a person have to think in order to behavethis way?”

3. If you’re still stuck, imagine that you’re watching somebody else about to do some eating they know is unhealthy, and ask yourself: “What would a person have to think in order to act that way?”

Here are another seven popular examples. Do any of these sound familiar?

It’s OK to binge today, because I can make up for it by eating very little tomorrow.

I can’t celebrate or be depressed without using food

With the help of Realfit Personal Training Hollie learnt to curb here appetite especially at night to go onto Win her First INBA Show

I’m too fat to workout at a gym, how embarrassing; I will just walk when it’s warmer.

I can just start working on the weight problem tomorrow.

I’ve had a rough day/week and I want to eat whatever the heck I want. I’ll get back on track after the weekend.

I am addicted to food. It controls a majority of my thoughtsThis is just my body type.

You will definitely want to write your answers in your Success Journal (which you do have now, right?).why not come into Realfit for a free consultation click here