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Adrian REALFIT success story

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Adrian REALFIT success story

Thanks to our Realfit Trainer Holly not only has Adrian packed on muscle but he has also pain free especially in his back.

Whilst seemingly trivial statistics, they go a long way to highlighting women’s ability to focus their attention on the task at hand, particularly in a stereo typically male-focused arena such as training and the gym, smashing common gender stereotypes. I

“I love the fact that in the sessions [Holly] is happy to substitute weight for form in order to reduce the risk of injury and steadily we go heavier each session. Most bloke sessions just want to lift as heavy as they can and most don’t care about form,” says Holly “In general, I kinda (sic) like getting smashed by [Holly]!” say’s Adrian

Don’t place a judgement on female Trainers say’s Adrian before you even put them to use. Go ahead, get to work, and see how quickly your skills increase.

I Look back at the good things I’ve accomplished in the past. That power of accomplishment is still with me, so choose now to put it to use again for even more exciting and compelling purposes say’s Adrian.

The workout challenges are great with Holly we use every cell of energy we can, and as you can see we can accomplish anything .