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Adam’s Success Story

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Adam’s Success Story



I heard about Fred through the Max challenge on Muscle Tv aired on Foxtel whereby Fred was delivering his weekly nutrition segments on the best way to cook and prepare meal’s and in 2011 I decided to enter the Muscle UP challenge and although I never set foot in Fred’s personal Training studio.What I found over the 12 week challenge is that he was always available to give me assistance online encompassing his years of knowledge( i knew I was dealing with a Pro)

Well the MAXS Muscle up challenge turned out to be a great success for me with over 400 participant I finished runner up and I owe lots to the help of Fred  .

Fred made me feel like I was accountable and I packed on some serious muscle.

So if your goal is o use Fred’s service either online (as he is the Muscle up coach)or face to face at his studio then trust me when I say “you can’t go wrong it’s changed my life for the better. “