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Adam’s Journey

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Adam’s Journey

About Adam

“I lost 6kg’s of fat in less than 6 weeks with my trainer on Fred! The 6 week challenge allowed me to accomplish what I thought was impossible. My trainer has been AMAZING – there for me every step of the way!!

From the moment I started the program, my trainer helped me every step of the way… even took the time to pick out healthy menu items on restaurant websites! I knew that this was no ordinary program, and that my trainer was 100% dedicated to my success!

At week six, I saw something that I did not think existed – MY ABS! Talk about feeling good about yourself! Life is different for me physically and mentally, and I owe it all to the Realfit 6 week challenge”

Adam’s Trainer -Fred

“Every person we meet here at 6 week Program is setting out to achieve their goals, faces a different set of challenges. For Adam I remember there were a couple of them…one of which he was upfront with me about right from the beginning, and the other we sort his awesome and now decided to do one on one training with us at Realfit talk about momentum well done Adam always laugh with health Fred