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abs we all want them but how do we get them !

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abs we all want them but how do we get them !

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I was looking at my son -Luke the other day and noticed he has a six-pack for most of his childhood and now in his late teens, without doing a single sit-up. s not breaking news that diet (ditch the sugar and refined carbs) is more important than exercise if you want a torso that looks like a box of steaks. But most people probably don’t realize that the most effective moves for chiseling the rectus abdominis aren’t crunches or sit-ups—which can actually do more harm than good.

How can that possibly be? Consider this: The best exercise to target your gut does the exact opposite of a crunch.

Peter has a clear understanding of benefits of having good abs from a physical and functional point of view

The Swiss ball rollout, in which you place your fists on a ball and extend your body like a bridge, is much better than the crunch for creating a ripped stomach and building strong lower-back muscles to support your spine. you would of seen me do The basic plank—toes and forearms on the floor, shoulder blades pulled and down, butt down, body straight—is harder than you might realize. But once you can hold it for 60 to 90 seconds with ease, move on to a more challenging version of the classic.

Just remember the rectus abdominis is one long continuous muscle running from your ribs to your hips. Though you can’t completely isolate the upper (six-pack) region from the lower (belly pooch), you should exercise in a way that fires as many fibers as possible throughout the entire muscle.
oh and the food thing yes that’s also gonna reveal that 6 pack but that’s a whole other conversation.