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7 Simple Rules of Food combining

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1.Try to eat protein with non starchy vegetable’s

Meat dishes are particularly compariable with non starcy vegetables of all kinds,whereas grains and beans and starchy vegetables are most easily digested when there eaten without diary products.Of course,this isn’t alway’s feasible so try eating grains and starchy vegetables at the start of the meal,then 30 minutes later eat your meat with non-starchy vegetables.


2.Eat fruits in between meals

Fruits don’t go well with flesh foods or heavy meals of any kind.There best combined with diary products or nuts.Best fruits to eat are green fruits and berries as they are low in fructose which convert’s to glucose

3.Avoid milk and meat at the same Meal

Ok if yo must eat a burger definitely hold the milk shake.And don’t have a slab of cheesecake if you are having a T-bone steak.This combination is way too taxing for most people’s digestive track and tends to cause severe slow down in normal intestinal activity and a toxic build up in the colon.

4.Eat one Protein Per Meal 

If you have chronic indigestion,you can ease up on your digestive track by eating only one protein per meal.For example don’t eat steak and seafood at the same time

5.Eat melons alone 

If your’e  metabolic type can handle melons,it’s best to eat them in very small qty’s and between meals or at the start of the meal,since they digest very quickly.Don’t eat them at desert,especially at the end of a heavy meal,and never eat them with meat or raw veggie’s.

6.Don’t combine fruits and Veggie’s

This applies to all fruits and vegetables for the most part,but particularly raw fruits and veggie’s.

7.Avoid mixing starches and citrus fruits 

Grapefruit and cereal for breakfast although typical,is not a good combination for people with poor digestive problems.