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7 lessons to achieving any previously elusive fitness goal

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7 lessons to achieving any previously elusive fitness goal

There are 7 lessons from James success story that I want to share with you because even if you have a different personal history than James, these 7 lessons are the keys to achieving any previously elusive fitness goal for the first time and I really think they apply to everyone.

1. Set the big goal and go for it.

If your goal doesn’t excite you and scare you at the same time, your goal is too small. If you don’t feel fear or uncertainty, you’re inside your comfort zone. Puny goals aren’t motivating. Sometimes it takes a competition or a big challenge of some kind to get your blood boiling.

2. Align your values with your goals.

James understood his values and made a decision to be congruent with who he really was and who he wanted to be. When you know your values, get your priorities straight and align your goals with your values, then doing what it takes is easy.

3. Do the math.

Stop looking for magic. A lean body does not come from any particular type of exercise or foods per se, it’s the calories burned vs calories consumed that determines fat loss or fat gain. You might do better by decreasing the calories consumed, whereas I depended more on increasing the calories burned, but either way, it’s still a math equation. Deny it at your own risk.

4. Get a Personal Trainer .

Support and encouragement from your PT can help get you through anything. Real time accountability  can make all the difference.


5. Be consistent.

Nothing will ever work if you don’t work at it every day. Sporadic efforts don’t just produce sporadic results, sometimes they produce zero results.

6. Persist through difficulty and self doubt.

If you think it’s going to be smooth sailing all the way with no ups and downs, you’re fooling yourself.. For every sunny day, there’s going to be a storm. If you can’t weather the storms, you’ll never reach new shores.

7. Redeem yourself.

Non-achievers sit on the couch and wallow in past failures. Winners use past failures as motivational rocket fuel. It always feels good to achieve a goal, but nothing feels as good as achieving a goal with redemption.

James with our help nailed down the nutrition and training side of things too. You can read more about that by checking our our website and video’s

Train hard and success is inevitable