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5 things you need to know about Compression Garnments

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5 things you need to know about Compression Garnments

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Did you know that according to the Australian Government sports comission recent research with athletes has shown that compression garments may provide ergogenic benefits for athletes during exercise by enhancing lactate removal, reducing muscle oscillation and positively influencing psychological factors.

So I kept track of my own training session’s, with and without tights, and that data led me to the same conclusion as the scientists: If you’re looking for better endurance or more speed, with compression gear. It makes a difference.

Im getting some great results with the Bsc compression garnments

The early research on compression garments demonstrated a reduction in blood lactate concentration during maximal exercise on a bicycle ergometer (Berry and McMurray 1987) . Later investigations have shown improved repeated jump power (Kraemer, Bush et al. 1996; Kraemer, Newton et al. 1997; Kraemer, Bush et al. 1998) and increased vertical jump height (Doan, Kwon et al. 2003) .

The suggested reasons for the improved jumping ability with compression garments include an improved warm-up via increased skin temperature, reduced muscle oscillation upon ground contact and increased torque generated about the hip joint (Doan, Kwon et al. 2003) . Combined, these results show that compression garments may provide both a performance enhancement and an injury reduction role during exercises provoking high blood lactate concentrations or explosive-based movements.

For me my own expereince is that they provide 5 main benefits

  • Prevent Damage

Due to their support, compression shorts reduce impact force to muscles by 27 percent

  • Circulation

Studies show a lower aerobic energy cost among people wearing compression shorts than those performing without them, according to Peak Performance

  • Fatigue

Compression from the supportive shorts increases the amount of lactate retained in muscles and thus reduces the amount that is released into the blood. Lactate impacts muscle fatigue.

  • Core Temprature

keeps you cooler as you exercise. Controlling the body’s thermoregulatory system can help athletic performance, as core temperature increases are associated with a decline in athletic ability.

  • Thrombosis

Shorts may protect against a venous thrombosis, a condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein that is deep inside a person’s body

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