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5 non negotiables to make sure you “Never Quit”

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5 non negotiables to make sure you “Never Quit”

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As a now 50 year old Veteran Personal Trainer and Master coach I have learnt that the only way to lose is to actually quit.

I tell my clients who have had struggles that “as long as you continue to make the effort” (be it to show up for your session ,eat clean and get moving and reframe old beliefs) then you have not lost.

Yes I get it -everyone experiences setbacks even me. However, those who achieve the most experience the most setbacks because they persist as long as it takes to reach each goal.

Does it ever seem that you are blocked in every direction? That’s the time to get creative, become more flexible, and open yourself to the possibilities that are most certainly there.

So here are my top 5 non negotiables to help keep you on track 


Far too many people go train just because…. Don’t just train for fitness and health(yes thats a great byproduct) but more so for a real pupose, when your why’s are magnified the how’s and whats become easier each day.


Write down your daily workout session in your diary,phone and calendar as you would other important appointments. And yes, it has to be daily. Exercising a few times a week will not create a new habit.


We set goals in all other areas of our lives be it to pay off our mortgage or trip away, yet we pretty much muddle our way through our fitness goals. We know we want to feel better and be healthier but that is about as far as we get. You are more likely to exercise and stick to your plan if you set a reasonable and measurable goals that boost your confidence as you draw closer to achieving them.


Instead of catching up with a friend over coffee and cake, arrange to catch up for a session at the gym. You will be less likely to hit the snooze button knowing that someone is expecting you to show up. 

Even I have a trainer who keeps me accountable click here to read


Every night visualise returning from your workout the next morning. How do you feel, look and even smell? The more detailed the visualisation, the more likely your subconscious mind will believe it and help you manifest it as your reality.

Sometimes when you get stuck in a rut, the rut can suddenly and unexpectedly run out. What a great opportunity that can be for you to climb out of that rut, look around, and see all the valuable things you’ve been missing.

I am a continual work in Progress and living proof that at 50 years old ” quitting is not an option”

Take it from a 50 year old like me to Never quit. Use each setback, each disappointment, and each success, as a cue to push on ahead with more determination than ever before as I always have said look after your body for the first 50 years and it will look after you for the next 50 .

Your In Health & Happiness

Fred Liberatore

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