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1.Get Tense

To maintain constant tension while working your arms, you must concentrate not allowing them to relax while performing your reps.

There are a few ways to accomplish this says Fred take the dumbbell preacher curl for instance. Practice constant tension by squeezing the bicep at the tip of the movement. The isometric squeeze is important to thoroughly exhaust muscles been worked.

  1. Be Progressive

Your arm need to be trained in a progressive manner from one workout to the next, in other words your arms will only change to the level at which your stressed say’s Fred so either increase your reps, sets and weights each session and modify your rest periods from week to week, this keeps things fresh and challenging.

3.Force Some Reps

I like to have Chris my training partner assist me in accomplishing more reps than I could do on my own and it forces muscle growth say’s Fred as long as you don’t sacrifice form and over time the additional forced reps you achieve could very well be the difference of good to great.

4.Train Instinctively

I always Listen to my body and if I don’t feel completely recovered from my last workout I do something else instead, your intuition should naturally mold your routine into what works best for your body.

5.Know your anatomy

Get to know the genetic make up of your arms ensuring you train them as thoroughly as possible and not forgetting your forearms and once you understand this growth and success fall right into place.

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