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4 Top Tips for Conquering Emotional Eating

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4 Top Tips for Conquering Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is such an unconscious act, they often don’t even realise they’re doing it. For many of us, that mindless munching can sabotage even the best-laid healthy-eating plan.

While it isn’t realistic to think you can banish every single emotional eating episode, it is possible to cut back on this behavior.

But you first need to understand WHY your emotions are making you indulge in the first place. I’m hopeful these 4 tips help you accomplish this…

1. What triggers your emotions?
Identify your emotional triggers, the situations and encounters with others in your life that ultimately drive you towards the fridge.

2. Find a place you feel comfortable
Try to identify any themes of people and places that you associate with emotional eating. If you can honestly recognize what makes you overeat, you’ll start doing something about it.

3. What emotions are you feeling?
Identify the actual emotions you experience. What is the negative message attached to them? For instance, if you’re frustrated, what or who are you frustrated with? Is it a relationship, money, family, your job?

Only by really paying attention to this, rather than instantly turning to food to comfort yourself … or using food to push down the negative message … or even agreeing with the negative emotional message and using food to punish yourself … Only then will you be in a position to stop the default action of eating.

4. What’s the reason you eat for comfort?
Explore your history with food and eating. Have others encouraged you to use food to deal with your (or their) emotions? Unwittingly, you may still be conforming to this

If you do find saboteurs in your life, recognise them. The element of  surprise is often their best weapon, so just be prepared. You can’t stop them from offering you doughnuts, but you can be ready to reactive in a positive way when they do.