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4 Steps to Keep Your Metabolism Strong and Vibrant

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4 Steps to Keep Your Metabolism Strong and Vibrant

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The other day Eddie and I were chatting during a chest bro session (we needed the break from our grueling workout) and  was explaining to him how one of my clients wasn’t following the plan that I set out for him, so he had gained weight.

And not just a couple kilo’s nearly 12kgs of them!

He was fat…frustrated…slightly depressed…and not even close to being healthy like he wanted to be…

After briefly seeing his doctor, he didn’t have a whole lot of information to go on except that he needed to lose weight or he was heading for trouble.

You see, the doctor noted that his metabolism may have slowed down (he is 40 after all), and he’s putting on more fat and losing his lean muscle mass at an accelerated rate.

Mahal had a turning point whereby he re framed old beliefs

Sure, it’s natural to see a slight decrease in muscle mass as you get older, but with him not following his plan (exercise AND nutrition) he was losing it faster, which could have been causing his metabolism to slow down.

So, instead of getting on his case, we made some slight changes to his plan that allowed him to start losing weight and putting on muscle again.

Now, the changes we made to his plan may not work for everyone…but for 99 percent of the population it may work like gangbusters!

So, what did we do to change his diet?  Let’s take a look at the FOUR steps:

1. We Started with Breakfast

One thing that I noticed was he was skipping breakfast frequently throughout the week. This may not be the best solution to losing weight and keeping the pounds at bay.

You see, your metabolism slows down at night since you’re not really pushing hard when you sleep.

However, once you wake up, your metabolism starts to climb.  Now, when you don’t eat, your metabolism may start to drop fast, which could make you extremely hungry.

And chances are (like it happened to my client) you may stuff your face mid-morning, with anything you can get your hands on—snack cakes, muffins, or other high-calorie, sugar-laden foods.

This is simply not good since all those calories and sugar more than likely will be stored as fat.

What to do: Eat something small for breakfast.  It could be as simple as a hard-boiled eggs with green fruit on the side. . Not Getting Enough Calories

By skipping breakfast, we found that my client was not taking in enough calories.

And when this happens, your body may start to shift into conserving fat (extra energy source) and burning your lean muscle mass.

This loss in your muscle mass may slow your metabolism to a crawl, making it harder to lose weight—especially your body fat.

But it doesn’t stop there!  With your metabolism slowed down, when you do increase your calories, you may find that gaining weight is pretty easy.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t dip below 1500 calories (depending on activity level) if you’re looking to lose weight and drop your body fat percentage.

What To Do: Make sure you maintain your calorie levels to 1200 to 1500 calories (or more depending on your activity level).  Try to separate your calories into FIVE smaller meals each ranging from 300 to 500 calories per meal.

3. Not Focusing on Strength Training

One fix to boost your metabolism (as my client found out) would be to include strength training into your workout.   He was strictly doing cardio, which was ruining his results.  Sure, he was doing right with his heart…

…but his lean muscle mass was taking a hit (so much for listening to me!).  You see, strength training helps to build lean muscle mass on your body.

And this becomes super important the older you get!  You see, as you get older, your muscle mass starts to decline.

But you can combat the decline by including strength training into your workouts!

What to Do:
 Include bodyweight or strength training exercises into your routine.  Make sure you choose exercises that target the full body to ensure you’ll burn fat all the time—even when you sleep!

Matt is another great success story and focused on strength training

4. Lacking in Water

Did you know that 65 percent of Aussie’s live in a constant state of dehydration?

It’s true!  And this dehydration may be responsible for the lowering of your metabolism by as much as THREE percent!

Not only does this slow down your metabolism, but it also makes your body work harder at breaking down food and doing every day functions.

Margarita knows the importance of being well hydrated

What to Do: Drink at least 8 cups of water each day.  The easy way to do this is by drinking at least one to two glasses of water before each meal.  Not only will this help with your dehydration, but it may also fill you up, which could possibly prevent you from eating more at your meals.

The Simple Tricks to Keeping Your Metabolism Firing!

If you’ve found it’s harder to lose weight as you get older, you’re right!

Your metabolism slows down…your lean muscle mass starts to decline…and you start to look—and feel—out of shape.

So what should you do?

You should follow the four tips from above!  Not eating enough, lack of water, skipping breakfast, and skipping your strength training workout are all keys to slowing down your metabolism and boosting your fat gain.


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