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3 top reasons why diets will fail you

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3 top reasons why diets will fail you

Hey Fred

It may be a silly question but I wanted to ask why do my diets fail ? Sally

Thanks Sally no not a silly question I have listed my top 3 reasons Well, the first reason is

People don’t make any lifestyle changes 

Most people when they attempt to lose weight think that they can just follow a short term, “I’m going to cut my calories for X number of days,I’m not going to eat any carbs for so many days, and I’m just going lose the weight and then everything’s good and I’ve lost my weight.”

But the problem is the weight comes back on because you didn’t make any lifestyle changes.

All you did was follow the short term quick fix and then you went back to your old way of eating which, most likely, is what caused you to get heavy in the first place. So, you need to make lifestyle changes and these lifestyle changes aren’t things that you are going to hate. It’s not that you have to not eat the foods you love, or not eat. You need to eat frequently, you need to eat a lot of good foods and you can also eat the foods you love. It’s just learning to control those which is one of those lifestyle changes?

Why do you think the biggest reason people fail to make the lifestyle changes Fred?
It seems to me it’s just the kind of thing that when people are really ready to commit, they’re really ready to commit to change and they do it. Why are more people just not ready to make that change?
Sometimes it’s an event in their life and an emotional reason that causes them to make that change. I think the big thing is, we’re creatures of habit and we just don’t like change. We take the path of least resistance.Our bodies like the path of least resistance. So, it has to be something very strong, like you said, to just really want to lose weight or need to lose weight. I’ve seen it in the hospital setting a lot where someone would have a heart attack and now they are like,“Okay, I’m losing weight, I’m eating healthier, forget the fast food.”
It’s that event in their life Sally  that either scares them or hurts them to where they’re like“Alright, I’m making a change
The amazing thing is you know, as a Veteran fitness professional myself, I’ve seen events like that fail to change people.I completely agree with you that sometimes that catastrophic event or major life event does get people to change. They suddenly say okay. It’s kind of like a fine line, people step over the line and that’s it. They decide to make those lifestyle changes. Now, it seems to me some people, as I just said, fail to make those changes after those huge events because they lack support and the failure to have support is reason number two, correct ?
ok, what’s number three Fred ? What’s reason number three why people fail to lose weight?
Sally I call it Paralysis by Analysis. Most people think that they have to know everything before they can get started. “I’m going to read one more book or I’m just going to learn about those workouts, those new workouts that came out. I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing. I don’t want to screw this up,”and things like that. Well, things like that are what screws it up because you never actually take action. You never actually start doing anything because you’re always thinking,“I’ve got to read that one more article. I’ve got to check on that one more site. What about my shoes? What if I ate that food? What happens to me then?”
So Sally don’t just take action take massive action just like our success stories Anthony and Lina did and don’t get stuck on that path of paralysis and take that first step.
It will be the most important one you’ll ever take.