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3 tips you need to know if you’re looking to compete

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3 tips you need to know if you’re looking to compete

If I had a dollar for every person that said they wanted to take there body to the next level i would be pretty wealthy by now ! I am sure other high end trainers have heard the same thing then pow reality sets in the are say 16 weeks out and Freeze !

I wanted to post up a few tips as follows

Tip 1

There is always a way 

If the path you’re on is blocked, look for another route, because it is surely there.Remember I have always been of the mantra to test & measure

You can be flexible, innovative, determined and persistent. You can imagine any possibility, and then work to make that possibility real.

Every moment, every circumstance, every turn of events presents you with an opportunity to act. Take those opportunities, make those actions come to life, and express the purpose that is uniquely you.

Step up and embrace the responsibility for moving your life forward. Whatever may come, there is always a way.

Tip 2 


When you’ve enjoyed one success, that’s the best time to start working on another success. Once you have momentum on your side, take full advantage of it.

One of the biggest benefits of achievement is that it opens up the door for greater achievement. Even a small success is a big deal, because of where it can lead.

Get yourself going and then keep yourself going. And from there, you can go anywhere.

Brad needed direction and accountability so he engadged in a coach/personal trainer

The result after 9 weeks winning his local fitness 30 plus show

Tip 3

Get Past the Plateau 

Some people think that hitting a fat loss plateau means there’s something wrong with them. But plateaus are natural and normal. In fact, you could look at it this way: Hitting a plateau means your body is healthy and your body is functioning normally, because normal function of the body is to adapt effectively to stress, to protect you and to maintain homeostasis.

Exercise is a stress. Dieting is a stress. It’s natural for your body to adapt to them. When you adapt, you must place a new “positive stress” on the body if you want continued improvement.

There is no reason to allow even a few weeks, let alone an entire year to go by without results. But you can’t expect to get different results if you continue doing more of what’s not working.

Just remember to Keep after it! Be persistent, but also be flexible!

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