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3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Weight Loss Success

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3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Weight Loss Success

In this article we’ll continue to investigate why 96% of all weight loss efforts end in failure, and how you can be among the 4% who succeed.

1. Weight Loss Success Is NOT About What You’re Eating — But What’s Eating You

Losing weight and keeping it off has nothing to do with what you’re eating, how much of it you’re eating, or how often you’re eating it. The truth is that weight loss success is not about food at all. In fact, it’s not about anything physical. That’s why physically-based approaches invariably fail.

2. To Succeed, You Must Focus Only On Root Causes, Never On Symptoms

Although it may at first be a difficult concept to understand, the problem you can see is not the actual problem. The problem you can see — your unwanted pounds — is actually just a symptom of a problem you can’t see. The real, root causes of our unwanted pounds are non-physical.

As with anything in life, attacking symptoms is a only a waste of your time, money, and emotional energy. Instead, put your efforts where they’ll get you real and lasting results. Focus on correcting the unseen cause of your problem — which is the real reason you’re overweight in the first place!

3. Dieting Doesn’t Work. Nor Do Any Other “Diet Industry” Approaches

Recent clinical weight loss research has identified 12 weight loss “Success Factors” — 12 specific things people do that have consistently been shown to lead to safe and lasting weight loss.

Yet dieting — Aussies single most popular weight loss method — is not even on the list! Nor are diet drugs, metaboliser pills, calorie counting, exercise machines, self-starvation, lo-cal foods, or weight reduction surgery.

So it turns out that we’re doing all of the things that don’t work, and none of the things that do work. Is it any wonder 96% of us fail at weight loss?