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3 things Ive learnt going into Business with my wifey

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3 things Ive learnt going into Business with my wifey

The two unions of a marriage and a business have very different objectives and neither partnership can be ignored if you want to be successful in both !

“The decision to work with my wife was a very easy one”, . “Our marriage is one of the best things about my life, and I didn’t want to complicate that. I’m happy to report so far  that it’s worked out better than expected, and taught us a  Here’s 3 things what I’ve learnt to date ?

Putting our marriage first 

If you let your business become the priority, you risk losing both your business and your marriage. Danni and I view our marriage as our first business venture together–and the more important one to protect.

We recommend that you set aside time for yourselves that doesn’t involve the business. Even make it a point to not discuss the business at all. “My wife and I will sometimes escape for a long weekend together and not bring up Business. For the sake of the marriage, couples must resist the temptation to bring the company home and on vacation when they are together outside the office and for me this took some time .

Have a contingency plan

This will be the most uncomfortable discussion you will probably have with your spouse, but a discussion that must be had. You need to decide what to do in the event that one of you decides to leave the business as well as if one of you decides to leave the marriage. “Not an easy conversation to have, but one you will regret not having if you don’t. And trust me, when you’re married to the President, you want to stay on her good side.” ?

Be open about your strengths and weaknesses and define your roles clearly 

One of the advantages of being married is you know each other pretty well, but in a business context be very open to each other about what you can and can’t do. We make a checklist of what we need to be successful, and then be clear about who is responsible for what aspect of the business. If we can’t agree or feel like our roles are not crystal clear, then maybe consider hiring a business coach for the areas where you need the most help.

By setting the ground rules up front, I believe you will substantially reduce the tension when times are tough–and this may be the very thing that saves your marriage.

7 years and we are stronger and closer than ever

Fred & Danni Liberatore